Wednesday, 14 September 2016

S-3 Viking

I've been tweaking a couple more areas on the model, one thing that is poorly done in the kit are the fuel dump pipes on the lower rear fuselage;
So with some styrene tube bent to shape and drilled out I now have new fuel dump pipes;

The worst fitting part so far is the cover for the FLIR turret under the nose but looking at reference pictures the cover is'nt quite correct anyway so a small strip of styrene sheet with a crescent cut out was added to one side as per the actual aircraft. The kit supplied door had a smaller curve put into the edge and then fitted into place;
The 330gal fuel tank arrived from Poand this week so after a bit of fettling to get the tail cone to fit flush to the rest of the tank, holes were drilled into it that corresponded to the styrene rod that was glued in the pylon earlier. The oval indents in the tank were filled and will be sanded down when I'm off work next;
I decided to replace the turbine blades on the Wolfpack buddy refueling pod with brass sheet cut to size as (A) the kit ones are too thick and (B) I managed to break off one of the blades which promptly disappeared into the arms of the Carpet Monster....ffs!
The bomb bay doors have been closed up and these needed some TLC to get them to fit properly, the elevators have been glued to the rear fuselage too, taking care to get the dihedral correct and all the panel lines that disappeared after sanding have also been rescribed.
The next big job will be detailing the main undercarriage bays, what will also be interesting is fitting the resin wings as I can't see the wing fold hinges being able to carry that much weight. The 'plan'' at the moment is to fit the red braces that you see on Vikings when the aircraft are parked up so I shall be looking at references to see where exactly they are fitted on the wings and fuselage.

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