Sunday, 18 September 2016

S-3 Viking

I added a bit of detail to the main gear bays as there is'nt any in the kit apart from the fictional lumps of plastic either side that are supposed to represent part of the retraction system. So a few happy hours have been spent cutting styrene rod, tube and strip to jazz them up a bit and 5 amp fuse wire will be used for the hydraulic piping, some of which has already been fixed in place;
When cutting the main gear legs from the sprue I managed to break one of the legs, not a problem as it was easy enough to drill a couple of holes, insert a length of brass wire and glue it together again. While I was doing this it occured to me to do the same to the other gear leg as the weight of the resin wings is giving me cause for concern as to whether the undercarriage will be strong enough so a bit of metal in them will help (hopefully).
The nose gear bay won't be getting any superdetailing as you can't see it but the nose gear leg will get some hydraulic piping added where necessary.

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