Thursday, 11 January 2018

Takom Leopard C2

While I'm in the mood for finishing stuff I applied a dark brown wash over the model a few days ago and today I painted the tools and ice cleats on the front glacis plate with Vallejo black and the canvas mantlet cover with Vallejo English Uniform.
Tonight I sprayed the model with Winsor and Newton matt acrylic varnish from their Galaria range and when dry I'll start the weathering and finally get it finished;

I was looking at the tracks earlier and the track pads need some TLC as they are far too regular and tidy so I shall attack these with a grinding tool in Dremel drill before painting them.
As to the actual model I 'was' planning on doing an actual vehicle that Takom had supplied markings for but it transpires these were fictitious ones for an OPFOR (Oppostion FORces) vehicle during an exercise. This threw me a bit as the model was already built and I had to find a picture of a Leopard with all the tools and ice cleats attached but with the minimal amount of markings. I had the Echelon decal sheet for Gagetown Leopards and the option for the C2 on the sheet features a sabretooth tigers head but I just couldn't find any reference pictures for it.
In the end I decided to do it as a generic vehicle based on what reference pictures I had so please forgive me but I had to get this model moved on.

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