Monday, 22 January 2018

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang

Just a small update as I've been concentrating on the cockpit. I've been using an Eduard Zoom set for this and it is a pre-coloured one so most of the bits have been added after painting the cockpit colour...trouble is I hadn't given a thought to the fact it was a pre-coloured set and realised that the shade of interior green Eduard had chosen was a LOT lighter than the mix I had made..bugger!

You can see the difference better here (the Eduard bit is at the bottom and much lighter);

I still have the mix used for the cockpit colour so sometime this week I'll respray the Eduard bits then give the whole cockpit a coat of matt varnish as the coloured etch has too much of a shine for me, plus it will deaden the areas where I managed to blob superglue.
Once the matt varnish is dry I'll drop some Tamiya X-22 Clear into the instrument faces to represent the glass covers.
Of course before I do all this I need to add the HGW seatbelts as they'll be a laugh to fit and no doubt the paint on the seat will be damaged in the process.

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