Monday, 2 April 2018

Heller 1/72 Mirage IV

The model features raised panel lines so I decided to start rescribing them using blue electrical tape as a guide for curved surfaces and a straight edge for flat surfaces;

After rescribing the lines excess dust and debris was removed then liquid glue was washed over them to clean out the remaining swarf. I'm undecided as to whether to replace the rivet detail as in 1/72 scale it would be quite tiny.
The lower wing features a recess for the AN22 nuke supplied in the kit but I will be using the CT52 reconnaissance pod so I decided to fill this recess using .30 thou styrene strip and lots of Revell filler;

All very nice and it looks quite good, so much so I rescribed the panel lines across the styrene insert.
It was at this point I wondered how the recon pod would look fitted to the model when I came across a fairly obvious problem;

....there needs to be a recess for the recon pod. F**K SAAAAAAAAKE!!! What a complete idiot!! Soooooooo guess what is being removed very soon? At least if anybody reading this blog is due to make a Mirage IV with a recon pod they won't make the same mistake. also
that will teach me to actually check the fit of parts first although in my defence I thought the pod was mounted on a pylon like the ASMP missile....duh.....


  1. that is the sort of cock-up I would commit ..still, no lasting damage !