Sunday, 26 July 2015

Airfix C-47 OOB build

The interior has been glued together and the only detail the cockpit will receive is seat belts made from masking tape then it will be painted black, using interior green for the cockpit. Al the doors will be shut on this one.
The engines in the kit have triggered the MOCD (Modelling Obsessive Compulsion Disorder) as they are not brilliant and lack any sort of ribbed detail on the cylinders. Also the way Airfix have designed them means you have to fit the engines to the wings THEN glue the cowlings around them which to me means a difficult clean up. So having already a pair of Quickboost Pratt &Whitney engines that I was going to use on the Italeri C-47 I've adapted them to fit the Airfix kit although I still have to remove some material from the tops of the cylinders to get them to fit inside the cowling, I'll also remove the locating lugs from inside the cowlings too so that I can fit them after.

The Quickboost engines needed all the resin material on the back removing so the majority was cut off with a razor saw then sanded back (using LOTS of water to keep the dust down) until the cylinders showed. It's a bit of a pain to get them to fit but they do look better.

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