Friday, 31 July 2015

Airfix C-47; Putting the wings on...sort of.

While the fuselage was drying I thought I would begin fixing the wings. The lower fuselage and wing section was glued into place although the fit at the front was'nt brilliant and had to be shimmed to avoid a step between the forward lower fuselage and wing.
There are inserts for the wing roots and it's quite tricky here as the cabin floor pushes them out too far. I scraped some material from the backs of the inserts and the fit was a lot better but I may have lost the slight steps where the wing roots meet the fuselage but I'll worry about that later as detail is going to be lost when the gaps are filled (and there will be a few gaps surprisingly).
I've taped it up and again it will be left to set so there won't be any updates for a couple of days as I'm back to work this weekend.

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