Wednesday, 22 July 2015

I tidied my work bench today....

After finishing the SS-23 and the E-25 ready for painting I thought I would tidy the bench and take a few months away from modelling...well that did'nt last long :o)

It's the new-tool 1/72 Airfix C-47 that I pulled this out of the stash tonight as I was inspired by a photo I took last year at the three Lancasters event at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire. The C-47 was also at the airfield and I just fell in love with it;

I managed to bugger up the last couple of model aircraft so this one WILL be OOTB (Out Of The Box) as much as my modelling OCD will allow, I REALLY just want to get on with building and painting without getting bogged down in super detailing and allowing AMS (Advanced Modellers Syndrome) to creep in. That's the plan anyway :o)

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