Saturday, 28 May 2016

Dragon Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

Today was spent decalling the rest of the fuselage, again using the excellent Aviattic product. I used the kit supplied lozenge as templates for the fuselage and it's strikng just how different the colours are (mind you the kit does date from the 90's).
The lozenge requires rib tapes on the tailplane and Aviattic state in the instructions that their decal is not really suitable for cutting into 1mm wide strips. What I *should* have done is use white decal paper cut into strips and put into place on the ribs first THEN put the lozenge over it, however me being me I did'nt give it a thought.
I got onto Hannants website for 1/48 lozenge and there were a few types available so I opted for some by HGW and Techmod which duly arrived today. The HGW decals are transparent just like Aviattic so I'll use these for another project, this left the Techmod ones and OMG they are FRAGILE! Cutting them into 1mm strips actually saw the decal leaving the backing sheet BEFORE I put them anywhere near water...not good! Anyway I managed to get some strips cut and applied to the ribs on the underside and even with them breaking in places they look rather good even if I say so myself;
I'm pleased with that result!
The rest of the fuselage was decalled and this is where I'm up to at the moment;

When dry the decals will be trimmed using a brand-new scalpel blade, again the lozenge on the upper tailplane has been applied chord-wise and when dry the elevators will be covered span-wise.
The next job will be to apply Uschi Van Der Rosten wood-grain decal to the main wing as this will be finished with a streaky effect over the wood as per the real aircraft.

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