Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Revell Leopard I

After spraying a coat of Tamiya X-22 Clear a week or so ago I started the weathering process on this today with a pin wash of dark brown. I know it's 'product placement' but I like the Mig stuff although I'm going to start making my own as it's just not dark enough, especially on dark vehicles like this Leopard.
Anyway the wash was run into all the nooks and crannies, gaps, engine deck mesh and wheels with the excess removed with odourless thinners;

I gloss varnish models for this as I get better control of the wash as on a matt surface I find it leaves 'tide-marks' which are very hard to blend in (the SS-23 was REALLY bad for it), also the gloss helps with the decals bedding down without air getting trapped underneath them.
Once the wash has dried I'll add some rain marks and some other washes then the model will be matt varnished.
A word about the markings is needed here as Revell had this one down as a Batch 1 Leopard with the rectangular telephone box on the rear hull plate but after looking in the Tankograd book it was actually a Batch 2 Leopard with the round telephone box so luckily for me I did'nt have to go huntng for another decal sheet.

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