Monday, 30 May 2016

Dragon Fokker E.V/ D.VIII

I'm reaching the end of the decalling phase (more or less) as I put the white trim on the fuselage and tail plane and started applying the woodgrain decal on the wing, I've never used so much Kleer on a model as I have on this one. The white on the tailplane will need to be trimmed as it's a bit of a mess also I'll need to mask it off and airbrush some white over the top as the decal does'nt cover the leading and trailing edges;

One of the problems I had was repairing the lozenge in places where I had cut a little too much off. I tried patching the areas with off-cuts of lozenge but in the end I mixed up various Vallejo and Andrea paints and touched up the areas instead.
Once the wing has been covered in wood grain it will be matt varnished and then painted in a streaky finish using oil paint. I might have to replace the panel on the port side as I had a bit of trouble getting it down smoothly (my fault) and I suspect there may be air trapped underneath which will lead to the decal 'silvering' after varnishing.

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