Saturday, 9 July 2016

E-50 with Heimdall turret

Work continues at my usual glacial pace and the past two days have been spent assembling and fitting the tracks. The kit supplied tracks are of the 'rubber band' type and pretty horrid so I ordered some Hobbyboss King Tiger/ E-50/E-75 individual track links, mainly because they were very cheap compared to Fruil metal tracks (which are nice but expensive for this project).
The tracks are the 'late' type being just one link as opposed to the earlier ones which had two different links and they actually scrub up quite well with very little flash and just the one pin mark in the centre of each link that is easily removed with the edge of a modelling knife. The tracks are 'handed' left and right and fit around  the Trumpeter drive sprocket nicely. There is another part on the sprues (part number 3) but I have'nt a clue what they are for so I've left them.
So to start off the track assembly I began on the right side by gluing 25 links together for the bottom run (using liquid polystyrene glue) and while that was setting I glued together a further 60 links and left these for about 30 minutes or so, this gives the tracks time to bond but still flexible enough to wrap around the running gear. Once I've done the assembly the hull will be put aside for a day or so for the tracks to set, this way they can be removed as a sub-assembly for painting later on.

I'm using Paper Panzer Productions wheels instead of the kit ones and the difference between them is very noticeable (the kit supplied wheels are on the right in this picture);
The turret is built so there is only the upper hull to add bits to although I may embellish it a bit with some add on parts.

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