Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Trumpeter E-50 with Heimdall turret

The construction is now finished apart from adding the tow cables and this will be done after painting, a lesson learned after the E-25 as I managed to get metallic powder all over the sides of the model and it was a bugger to remove. Anyway the E-50 will get a clean down in preparation for painting;

The four air intakes did'nt look that good on the kit so I hid them with styrene sheets mounted on rods 2mm above the grills. This was actually done on panzers late on in the war to protect the engine from air attack as those big intakes were vulnerable to shell and splinter damage.
The pictures show the front mudguards in place which I actually spent an hour or two cutting down and enhancing the hinge detail, however looking at it this morning I decided the model did'nt look right with them so off they came. The exhausts are temporarily in place for photographic purposes and will be painted separately.

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