Monday, 4 July 2016

Trumpeter E-50 and Paper Panzer Productions Heimdall turret

After I received the Heimdall turret from Paper Panzer Productions a Trumpeter E-50 miraculously turned up via Evil Bay at more or less the same time (coincidences eh?). Even though I have other stuff on the go I thought "bugger it lets build this one" so it's all on the bench.
The turret goes together very well with just a couple of moulding lugs to get rid of via a razor saw and the detail is great. I added a few grab handles on the hatches and turret rear as I figured with the height of it the crew would require a few to clamber up onto the roof. Three turret lifting rings were added using the wire supplied in the kit.
Here's the progress so far;

The Trumpeter hull fits very well although there are a couple of sink marks at the rear on both sides that need filling. The two large boxes in the foreground will sit on the rear hull, the idea behind them is that the Heimdall turreted E-50 would be relaying height and range information to a battery of E-50 Flakpanzers and these would be connected via cable to these boxes on the Heimdall to provide co-ordinated fire on the target.
Again this is well into the 'What-if' category and never existed, for me it's just a bit of fun to lighten my modelling mood.

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