Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Airfix Hurricane Mk I

After priming the interior with Vallejo Surface Primer I tried another new product from them for the cockpit, floor and wheel wells, this time it was their Metal Colour (77-701 aluminium).
Again I tried this on my test piece and straightaway it looked very promising so I sprayed it on the Hurricane. This stuff does not require any thinning as it will spray straight from the bottle and it covers very well, the only downside for me is that the tip of the needle clogged quite quickly but that's always been an issue with me and acrylics. Next time I'll use acrylic retardant to see if that helps, anyway here's what I got with using the paint;

The next job will be to mask off the fuselage framing and cockpit sides as these, the rear bulkhead and seat will be sprayed with Tamiya XF-71 Interior Green/Grey. When completely painted I will be fitting some HGW Model seat belts then the whole cockpit will be weathered with washes and dry brushing.