Saturday, 2 September 2017

Takom Leopard C2

I've finally finished the build of this one so it will get a wash down and when dry it's off to the paint shop.

The Leopard I want to depict didn't have the turret mounted MG fitted so the mount and ammo box holder were scratch-built from thin styrene sheet, the white thing on the turret basket is to represent the bag that is attached underneath, the tow cables are from RMG and just needed shortening by 20mm to fit and will be removed before painting.
This was my first Takom kit and it wasn't that bad really, as you can see I have tweaked the model in places but that is nothing unusual with me. I keep trying to build stuff straight out of the box but I just can't help myself!
One thing I did keep to was the use of the etch supplied in the kit only, other brass bits you see are made from sheets of brass I have in stock. Essential things you need to get for this kit are the resin exhausts, tow cables, aerials, mantlet plugs and smoke dischargers which are all available from Leopard Club here;

Leopard Club

The barrel is an item from Orange Hobby (the fiddly etch was covered in an earlier post) and although I did get the Leopard Club barrel for the 1A5, in the end I just used the boresight mirror for the end of the barrel as some of the resin parts were not concentric. The Orange Hobby item I got is actually for a Leopard 1A3 and apparently they do a barrel for the 1A5 but at the time it was not available.
The model will be washed in warm soapy water to get all the dust and crap off it, when thoroughly dry it will be primed and painted.

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