Sunday, 29 October 2017

ICM 1/35 ZiL-131

I've made pretty good progress (for me anyway) and the chassis is now built. I wanted to turn the wheels to add a bit of interest however the steering is fixed straight ahead only, so some surgery was required;

The steering knuckles were removed as shown in the bottom picture then drilled at the back using a 3.5mm bit. Two sewing pins with the round plastic ends were cut down in length and holes were drilled either end of the axle for these to go in;

The insides of the steering knuckles were packed out with two small pieces of 0.20" styrene as the depth is too much. The knuckles were then glued into place and the steering rack and angled arm on the chassis side were modified to suit the turned axle;

I'm quite happy with that as turned front wheels add to the look of a vehicle.
A couple of points to note so far in the build and that is part A48 actually fits HERE;

Not where it says on the instructions. Also I've found the plastic is pretty fragile in this kit which makes cutting smaller or thin parts off the sprues tricky as a couple of them have broke.
Bearing this in mind and noting the cab windscreen frame was attached in three places I used a razor saw to remove it from the sprue and the excess was removed with wet and dry paper.
The completed chassis;

Wheels are by Def Model. Detail-wise this is as far as I'm going with the chassis as I don't want to spend any longer on it, I just felt that the fuel tanks are pretty prominent and needed some TLC.

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