Monday, 9 October 2017

Takom Leopard and Airfix Hurricane

The Airfix Hurricane received a coat of Vallejo Surface Primer the other day to show up any flaws in the wing joints and it did exactly that;

As you can see the joint is not brilliant and needs some more filling, after which the model will get another coat. Also the model will require a light sanding as lumps of primer attached themselves to the surfaces as they shot out of the airbrush.
The Takom Leopard finally got the base coat on using a mix of Tamiya XF-67 Nato Green, XF-65 Field Grey and XF-57. Prior to spraying the base coat I went over the black primer with grey, lightened more for the top surfaces;

The base coat was mixed in a 3 parts Nato Green to two parts Field Grey ratio with some Buff thrown in to suit, the mix being very kindly supplied by Anthony Seward who commanded a Leopard C2 in the Canadian Army;

The paint looked a bit too bright but after a coat of Tamiya X-22 Clear it altered the tone somewhat;

So now I have a shiny (ish) Leopard after a mammoth spraying session. The decals will be put on and a pin wash applied before spraying it with matt varnish as a glossy surface helps the flow of paint when applying pin washes.


  1. fine work indeed, love that leopard looks very good

    1. Cheers Pete! It's just nice to get it painted :o)