Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Airfix C-47; Winging it

To cover the gap between the wings and wing-roots I've glued a strip of sheet styrene on the inside edge of the wing-roots then glued the upper wings in place, making sure they were glued to the styrene strip as well.
The idea is to use Milliput rather than body filler as I can shape it with water, that way I won't destroy any surface detail plus with the styrene sheet underneath both sides it *should* stop any flexing which would crack the Miliput.
I also took the opportunity to fix the tailplanes in place so by the time I can work on the model again the glue would have set firmly and all the joints can be done at the same time.

At least it's starting to look more Dakota shaped :o)
In case you are wondering I'll be painting the gear bays before I stick the cowlings on as I worked out that I could still get in the areas with an airbrush.

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