Saturday, 8 August 2015

Airfix C-47; wings glued together

I glued the lower wings today but after a dry fit of parts there were a couple of minor issues to deal with before they would join together properly. The first one is the raised locating strips on the insides of the wings near the landing light as this prevented a good join, once removed the joint was much better;

The second one are the small locating pins on the insides near the wing tisp as these prevented the wing halves from joining so they were removed too, lastly there are a couple of raised mould-pin marks on the inside trailing edge and these were rubbed down just in case;
Once all these items were removed the wings were glued together, taped firmly and left to set;
The join between the lower wings was actually very good and just needed some liquid glue along the joint and more tape just to stop them springing apart.

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