Sunday, 23 August 2015

Airfix C-47

 This model was supposed to be just an Out-Of-The-Box build but it's proving to be anything but, mainly due to the poor fit of parts. Whether it's just me or not I don't know as I have seen a couple of reviews praising it, however here's where I am at the moment.
The cabin door needed a strip of 0.010" (0.25mm) styrene adding around the edge due to the poor fit and but even after gluing the doors in place there is still a large gap;
 The engine nacelles need the rectangular locating tab removing and some material removing from the oil cooler fairings underneath (shown by arrows) to get them to fit otherwise you will have a step between the nacelle and wing;

I was particularly suprised by the rudder as it fits where it touches and has some HUGE gaps at the top and bottom, once again styrene strip was added to the bottom of the rudder and to the inside of the top of the fin.
When dry I'll sand them flush and try and fit the rudder;

At least the elevators fitted without any problems...
It IS getting there but it's not filling me with joy at the moment and not exactly a quick build either.

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