Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Trumpeter E-25 painted

As it's a 'what-if, paper panzer etc' I can pretty much do what the hell I like with this so today I tried some paints from the Mig Productions set 'Late German Camouflages', colours that were allegedly used in 1944-45.
All I have to say is that there are some 'interesting ' shades of paint;
Talk about BRIGHT??? Kee-rist!! :oD
Hopefully the colours will darken down a bit more with weathering. I painted the barrel and IR sights with the darker 'Dunkelgelb' included in the set for some contrast.

Update; after today's spraying session (23rd August) the model will now be repainted as I just could not control the paint and it resulted in 'spiders legs' in a lot of places AND I put my fingerprint into the paint (AGAIN) which will need to be sanded out. To be honest the model was nearly thrown across the loft where I have to spray but I did'nt do it and it's in a box waiting.
Next time I'll just stick to Tamiya colours, the Mig set just does'nt work for me I'm afraid.

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