Thursday, 17 May 2018

Heller 1/72 Mirage IV

After the wings warped a few weeks ago when trying to get the starboard wing down to match the port one I shelved the project and cleared the bench, however after a few days I ordered another kit via Ebay. When it arrived I once again rescribed the wings and to counter the starboard wing issue (which surprisingly is still there on the newer kit) I put a thin strip of Evergreen plastic sheet into the wing root, filling and sanding later on.
In fact the kit needed a fair amount of filling especially around the air intakes, forward fuselage, nosecone and the underside where the wing assembly joins up with the fuselage;

With all the joints cleaned up I sprayed the cockpit interior black, repainted the two Martin Baker ejection seats I had found in the spares box then gave both cockpit and seats a dry brush with Vallejo medium sea grey. The canopies and windscreen were masked off with Tamiya tape and glued into place with GS Hypo cement which is used by watchmakers and jewellers and very useful for model transparancies as unlike superglue it doesn't attack clear plastic.
When dry the gaps around the canopies will be filled with PVA glue (after I've washed it down) then it will get a coat or two of primer as I feel it's still a bit rough in areas I've filled.

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