Monday, 21 May 2018

ICM 1/35 ZiL-131

This is another one I started last year but got bored with. I had actually primed it but it got shelved however I was thinking about this model the past week so I got it out to see what I could do with it.
Although the markings I have in mind for it are pretty specific (Ukraine 2015 or thereabouts) I want to make it look abandoned and rusty so I sprayed the model with Tamiya XF-9 Hull Red then mixed in their matt orange and resprayed random areas;

When dry I decanted the cheapo hair spray I use for chipping purposes from the can into a spare jar and sprayed the cab, bonnet and roof using an old Badger 200 that I had renovated and brought back into service. Using hairspray straight from the can just floods a model and you end up removing large areas of paint when chipping so an airbrush gives you greater control.
The model was sprayed using a mix of Tamiya XF-58 and yellow;

I then left it for an hour or so then using a stiff brush (the cheap nylon ones you find in the art section of a bargain book shop) the model was held under hot running water and the paint scrubbed off. I actually removed a big section on one side so had to spray it with hairspray again and repaint it. I'm quite happy with the results so far and when the cab is masked off I'll repeat the process for the rest of the chassis;

The markings I'm planning feature yellow and blue stripes on the front grill and ends of the front bumper however it's going to be very tricky matching the shades on the decal sheet so this may just be an overall green vehicle.

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