Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Airfix 1/48 P-51D Mustang. I give in!

I sprayed the model with Vallejo Metal Colour Aluminium and as this stuff is quite thin it can go straight through an airbrush, however the needle tip started clogging fairly quickly so I added a few drops of acrylic retarder to slow the drying time down a bit.
I have to say the finish is really nice and smooth, unfortunately a few days ago some model boxes fell over and caught the Mustang and although I inspected the model before spraying tonight the Vallejo paint showed up a few dings and added with all the other defects in the base coat I've had enough and this model will not progress any further.
Anyway this how it turned out;

As has been pointed out to me and in articles I've read the base coat HAS to be flawless otherwise the aluminium paint will show every defect so I think I've reached my limit painting-wise and will stick to camouflaged subjects in future.
Also USAAF aircraft continue to be my achilles heel as this is number 5 that I've fucked up...weird....

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